Sang-e Mehr canal in its final phase of rehabilitation

Sang-e Mehr canal in its final phase of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of a big agricultural canal in the center of Badakhshan, which has been reconstructed for more than 5 million Afs, has reached its final phase and officials in Kokcha River Basin Department say it will be finished soon.

Sang-e Mehr canal in Faizabad city, center of Badakhshan, which irrigates most parts of the city, was built 40 years ago, but due to accumulation of population in the center of the province, it needed to be rebuilt and it was rebuilt using financial support from the World Bank.

Mohammad Rafi Bahman, Director at Kokcha River Basin in Badakhshan said to Bayanshamal yesterday that the canal was 25 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide and after its rehabilitation tens of hectares of barren lands in Layana area of Faizabad will be irrigated and it could bring a positive change in lives of residents in the area. 

Currently the canal has capacity of 2 cubic meters of water, but officials say after its reconstruction its capacity will increase to 4 cubic meters of water.

After its rehabilitation, Sang-e Mehr canal has changed to a developed and high-capacity canal, now it irrigates more areas and can change lives of residents in Faizabad.


Bayanshamal: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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