Support for peace process in Badakhshan

Support for peace process in Badakhshan

In a gathering with extensive participation of people in the province, support was proclaimed for the sermon by Imams of the Two Holy Mosques, decree of Afghanistan’s clerics about peace and declaration of Mecca.

Participants of the gathering asked confronting parties to agree on a ceasefire so that bloodshed and war in the country end. 

Abdul Wajid Wajid, one of the officials at Provincial Committee of Peace in Badakhshan said the situation in Afghanistan has changed remarkably than the past and latest stance of regional and Islamic countries has left no excuses for continuance of war. 

In the meantime, two clerics, who had participated in the gathering, asked confronting parties in Afghanistan war to accept ceasefire and start the peace talks. 

Participants of the gathering stressed on Afghans leading the peace talks and requested armed anti-government groups to work for peace and urged the Afghan government to lead the peace talks. 


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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