Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Taliban attacks on Darayim, Arghanjkhwah repulsed

Taliban attacks on Darayim, Arghanjkhwah repulsed

Last night armed Taliban carried out a series of assaults on Darayim and Arghanjkhwah districts in Badakhshan, as a result of which they sustained casualties. 

Lieutenant Abdul Manaf Nazari, Public Affairs Officer for 2nd Brigade, 20th Pamir Division in Badakhshan says that Taliban raided security posts of Afghan National Army and Public Uprising Forces in Sangar Dahshaka area of Darayim district as a consequence of which 5 Taliban were killed and bodies of two of them with two Ak-47 guns were seized by security forces. 

Mr. Nazari also added that armed Taliban clashed with Public Uprising forces in Arghanjkhwah district resulting in 5 Taliban including Qari Rawof their financial in-charge in the district being captivated, 2 of them being killed and 3 others being wounded. 

In these clashes Public Uprising Forces have also sustained casualties but the details haven’t been shared with the media. 


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq



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