Shab-e Yalda cherished in Badakhshan

Shab-e Yalda cherished in Badakhshan

Shab-e Yalda, the cultural and traditional legacy was celebrated in presence of some cultural activists in Information and Culture Department of Badakhshan.

Yalda is the longest night at the end of autumn season and following this night the winter begins, celebration of this night has long history in Persian language’s cultural territory. 

Naqibullah Saqibyar, Head of Information and Culture Department of Badakhshan says that with the cooperation of Lincoln Learning Center they tried to exalt this historical tradition and gathered cultural activists and poets around each other. 

Mr. Saqibyar added that Information and Culture Department as the protector of heritages, annually celebrates cultural events and Shab-e Yalda is one of those heritages which is always cherished in presence of poets, cultural activists and knowledgeable people by conducting poetry and music programs. 

Simultaneously, some cultural activists in Badakhshan state that honoring cultural and historical heritages is an action that will introduce the past to the young generation and it will also increase solidarity and sympathy amongst the people. 

Normally Shab-e Yalda is celebrated by lighting candles, making a table of fresh fruit, reading poems and playing music and cultural activists stay awake during this night. 


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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