Blood collection campaign launched in Badakhshan

Blood collection campaign launched in Badakhshan

Lincoln Training Center launched blood collection campaign in association with Faizabad Provincial Hospital.

Dr. Habib-ul Rahman Haziq, Head of Faizabad Provincial Hospital, says that through this campaign, 12,500 cc blood was voluntarily collected with the cooperation of Lincoln Center from youth and donated to Provincial Hospital in the Badakhshan.

The source tells the blood will be used to treat patients and the wounded of security incidents.

He adds that Badakhshan is a mountainous province, and every moment it is possible that a natural disaster happens and patients needing blood are collectively brought to the hospital.

Parviz Habibi, Director of Lincoln Center in Faizabad, says the goal of launching a blood donation campaign is to help indigent mothers who require blood while giving birth.

He added that their other objective was to help war victims and save them.


Reporter: Mohammad Sharif Shayeq


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