Operation begins in vulnerable areas of Baghlan

Operation begins in vulnerable areas of Baghlan

Baghlan Police Commander says Afghan military forces have started an operation in vulnerable areas of Doshi district to suppress opponents of government.

Brigadier General Ikramuddin Sareh, Baghlan Police Commander says that yesterday afternoon security forces conducted a joint operation in Kelagai area of the province and they are progressing.

On the other hand, Zabiullah Shuja, Spokesperson for Baghlan Police Headquarters says that after start of the aforementioned operation, imported power cable to Kabul has been temporarily connected and technicians of Breshna Sherkat are working to repair the electricity pylon destroyed by insurgents.

It is while, yesterday, police in Baghlan detained a person for carrying 41 grams of hashish from Baghlan to Kabul in a security belt in Doshi district.

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