47 women graduate from midwifery school in Baghlan

47 women graduate from midwifery school in Baghlan

This noon, 47 nurses and midwives graduated from midwifery school of Public Health Department in Baghlan after taking two years of practical and theoretical lessons. 

Mohibullah Habib, Public Health Director of Baghlan says these women were enrolled in midwifery school from remote areas of Baghlan and they were trained in midwifery and nursing sections.

Mr. Habib considers graduation of these midwives vital in reduction of maternal deaths and supply of medical services to residents in faraway areas in the province and adds that the number of graduates must increase in upcoming years.

This is the first time 47 nurses and midwives have graduated from a midwifery school in Baghlan with financial support of World Band and cooperation of medical institutes. 


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