209th Corps Commander visits Shor Tepah

209th Corps Commander visits Shor Tepah

Recent insecurities in Shor Tepah caused officials of 209th Shaheen Corps to head to this district on Saturday and inspect the security in the district closely. 

Major Mohammad Hanif Rezaie, Spokesperson for the corps told Bayanshamal that Major General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, Commander of Shaheen Corps, in addition to studying the security in outposts, also visited Afghan Border Forces and told that if needed new security outposts and bases will be created. 

According to Mr. Rezaie, the corps commander also requested local people to be cooperative with security forces in repulsing threats. 

In this trip, Mr. Ahmadzai was accompanied by Chief of Staff, Afghan Border Forces Commander and some other managers of 209th compound who returned this morning. 


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada


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