Balkh Police arrest 30 from casino

Balkh Police arrest 30 from casino

Mohammad Akram Samih, Balkh Police Commander said in a press conference that security forces, in association with 222 unit which has come to Balkh from capital for special operations, arrested 35 people from a casino around Alkozay square in Mazar-e Sharif city. 

Mr. Samih added that thieves and abductors were also among the detainees. 

Balkh Police Commander also informed about detention of a fugitive assassin and told that Abdul Rahman, resident of Mazar-e Sharif was condemned to two years of sentence for murdering his nephew, but escaped before being imprisoned and he was arrested by security forces yesterday. 

This happens while Balkh Police detained 33 gamblers from Dasht-e Shadyan area two days ago as well. 


Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon 


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