First transformer producing factory initiates in Balkh

First transformer producing factory initiates in Balkh

With an investment of 3 million USD, Afghan-Turk transformer producing factory was inaugurated yesterday in Balkh province. 

Amanullah, owner of the factory told the media that monthly the factory can produce 55 to 60 transformers of 25KW which have the capacity of 5 megawatts of electricity. 

He added that raw materials will be imported from Turkey and they will be montaged in Balkh. 

Mr. Aman considered high prices of electricity a big challenge in their work and emphasized on support of private sector by government. 

Meanwhile, Sayed Taher Roshanzada, Chairman of the Balkh Industrialists' Association, counted the factory’s activation an effective step toward self-sufficiency and stated that previously time-worn and repaired transformers were used, but from now on high quality transformers made inside the country will be available.

Mr. Roshanzada also elaborated that although the country is approaching self-reliability from production perspective, but still investors need to be backed by the government. 

This factory has branches in more than ten provinces, and it has created employment opportunity for more than 150 people. 


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada



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