24 armed opponents of government killed, wounded in Balkh

24 armed opponents of government killed, wounded in Balkh

Security officials in Balkh inform about killing and wounding 24 opponents and releasing freight-cars abducted by armed opponents of government from Balkh-Jowzjan highway. 

Colonel Aqa Sherin, Chief of Staff at 2nd Infantry Brigade of 209th Shaheen Corps told Bayan-e Shamal that last night armed opponents of government took with themselves 10 freight-cars which contained foodstuffs and oil from Balkh-Jowzjan highway. 

He added that to retrieve the vehicles, a joint operation of defense and security forces started from Margintapa and Nawabad villages in Charbolak and the vehicles were reclaimed from Moshkkhor village in the district. 

Mr. Sherin also stated that drivers of the vehicles had been freed from opponents catch, heavy casualties had been inflicted on the enemy and their dead bodies had also fallen in security forces’ hands. 

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Abdul Razaq Qaderi, Security Chief at Balkh Police Headquarters assures of maintaining security on Balkh-Jowzjan highway and says that troops have been deployed along the freeway. 

It is while security officials had notified about creation of large security bases by Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Army (ANA) along the aforementioned expressway a while back as well. 


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada



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