Street congress held in Balkh

Street congress held in Balkh

Street convention named “Peace-seeking, backing civil values of the past two deacades and women’s rights” was conducted by displaying pictures, paintings and music performances this morning in Mazar-e Sharif city.

Kawa Basharat, organizer of the congress, in his statements to the media, considers the purpose of conducting the program is to declare support for values and achievements in the past seventeen years in the country and states that 50 pictures and 20 paintings which covered different issues were put on display. 

He added that by holding these shows, they wanted to support peace talks, and insisted that civilian and humanitarian values of the citizens in the country should be preserved in this process.

On the other hand, attendees of the exhibition also called for stable peace in the country and asked armed opponents of the government put down their weapons and actively contribute to the development of Afghanistan.


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada


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