Entrance examination taken for Military School

Entrance examination taken for Military School

35 graduates of ninth grade from schools in North zone, took a competitive test in 209th Shaheen Corps this morning to enter Military School. 

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Shafaq, Deputy of Education Department in the corps says that first to fifth position holders from schools in North had participated in the test. 

Mr. Shafaq added that those who obtain high marks in the test, will be admitted in Military school where they will study in various military fields for three years. 

He elaborated that they had high-standard equipment and accommodations in the school and further said that students will also get salary during their stay in the Military School. 

This comes at a time that 209th Corps took a competitive test from a number of youths in North zone for entrance in Youth Officers’ Academy and Air Force a while back as well. 


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada


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