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Submission of 23 different weapons to the DIAG process in Balkh

Submission of 23 different weapons to the DIAG process in Balkh

Today, Balkh Police Headquarters informed about submission of 23 different weapons and some ammunition to the DIAG process, saying the campaign for collection of undocumented weapons from irresponsible gunmen is now under way. 

Brigadier General Abdul Raqib Mobariz, Balkh Police Commander, while submitting weapons and ammunition which was gathered from irresponsible gunmen and in criminal cases to the DIAG process, said to the media that in the latest case, they had detained some irresponsible groups with undocumented weapons and vehicles.

He pointed out that irresponsible armed groups and individuals were behind insecurity in the city of Mazar-e Sharif, adding that security forces would not allow any unauthorized groups to carry weapons.

On the other hand, Abdul Manan Abed, In-charge of weapons collection in North, considered collection of weapons from unauthorized gunmen effective on providing security.

Submitted weapons included 14 AK-47 guns, 7 sidearms, 2 rifles, 25 magazines, 680 bullets of different kinds, 4 radio sets, and 6 chest rigs. 20 people were detained for being in possession of these weapons and ammunition.


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada


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