Friday, 20 September 2019
Combating pests, migratory grasshoppers in Balkh 

Combating pests, migratory grasshoppers in Balkh 

Officials of Agriculture and Livestock Department in Balkh say the problem of agricultural pests, especially the attack of grasshoppers on the province's farmlands, has always been a serious threat to farmers, which has reduced after battles by this department over previous years.

On the other hand, a number of farmers in Balkh province consider the presence of migratory grasshoppers a major threat to their cultivation.

They say that grasshoppers have struck their farmlands badly, making their economies weak.

Nonetheless, Zabiullah Zubin, the head of agricultural affairs in Balkh, states that they have started the fight against pests and plights in some parts of the province.

According to him, so far, thousands of acres of land has been cleared of grasshoppers, and educational and awareness programs have been launched for farmers to prevent pests and plights.


Reporter: Mahnaz Mowzon


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