Friday, 20 September 2019
Opponents’ movements contained in Balkh

Opponents’ movements contained in Balkh

Balkh Police Headquarters informs about continuance of military operations against armed opponents of government maintaining heavy casualties have been inflicted on them. 

Colonel Muhammad Ajmal Fayez, police commander of Balkh province, said at a media briefing on Sunday that in the most recent case, in an air strike in the district of Shulgara in Balkh province, including several district governors and top commanders, 48 armed opponents were killed.

Mr. Fayez added that since 20 days Afghan military operations have continued against armed opposition in the districts of Dawlat Abad, Chimtal, Char Bolak, Shulgara, and Balkh where movements of opponents have been contained and routes of the districts have been opened.

Balkh police commander added that the way of fighting against the armed opponents of the government has changed and most operations are being launched during nights which has had good results.

This police authority in Balkh emphasizes on continuation of operations stating opponents aren’t able to fight face to face with security forces and Afghan troops are pursuing the enemies.


Reporter: Hamid Nawabzada


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