Uzbekistan helps vehicles to Afghanistan

Uzbekistan helps vehicles to Afghanistan

Uzbekistan helped 25 buses and 3 tractors to Afghanistan and these vehicles were submitted to Afghan government today by Uzbekistani officials in a ceremony whose participants were Uzbekistan president’s special representative, Transportation and Aviation Minster of Afghanistan, some local officials of Balkh and some merchants.

In the ceremony, Esmatullah Ergashov, special representative of Uzbekistan president, pointed to the history of cultural relations and mutual cooperation between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, and said that they are trying to transmit electricity from Sorkh Aab of Uzbekistan to Pul-e Khumri and decrease the price of the electricity in Afghanistan. 

He stressed that they are going to take practical steps towards previously agreed mutual agreements in commerce, energy transmission and investment fields. 

Meanwhile, Mohammad Hamid Tahmasy, Transportation and Aviation Minister of the country thanked Uzbekistan and asked for more agreements on communication and transportation between the two countries.



Bayanshamal: Mahnaz Mowzon

Translated by: Ramin Nasiry

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