A high-ranked government board travels to Faryab

A high-ranked government board travels to Faryab

Mohammad Sharif Yaftali, Chief of General Staff of Afghanistan armed forces, Murad Ali Murad Senior Security Officer of Interior Ministry and Ebadullah Ebad, Provincial Deputy of National Directorate of Security, based on president’s order traveled to Faryab yesterday and met local officials of the province.

Mohammad Hamayon Fawzi, Faryab Governor appeared in a press conference last afternoon and said the purpose of the board’s visit was studying the general condition of the province and assuring that the central government is supporting Faryab people.

Mr. Fawzi added that in his visit with the members of the board, he mentioned the existing problems in Faryab and also provided his suggestions. Faryab Governor said that after hearing their suggestions, board members assured Faryab local officials that their suggestions will be shared with officials in the capital and solutions will be found.

Mohammad Hamayon added maintaining security of Faryab-Herat highway, giving more authorities to Governors and District Governors, passage of railway from Faryab and arrival of new forces in this province were the commitments the board had.



Translated by: Ramin Nasiry 

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