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Inauguration of coffee shop for women in Jowzjan

Inauguration of coffee shop for women in Jowzjan

Women of Sheberghan city, in an unprecedented act, inaugurated a coffee shop for women in the city. 

Malaly Mubariz, the owner of the coffee shop says that presence of such places in Sheberghan city was one of the principle needs of women which induced her to create one. 

She added that inauguration of the coffee shop has resolved women’s problem from lack of proper space for getting rid of work boredom and created jobs for some women as well. 

According to Ms. Mubariz, spaces for study and handicraft sales of women has also been considered in this coffee shop and once every week, families can also visit this place for entertainment. 

Sheberghan has a population of 300 thousand people and for many years it lacked places for entertainment. Commencement of this coffee shop can be a window of hope for other private investors to invest in entertainment field in this province. 


Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari


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