First women’s exclusive market opens in Jowzjan

First women’s exclusive market opens in Jowzjan

For the very first time, Sheberghan Municipality has built a market exclusive for businesswomen at a cost of 30 million AFN. 

Officials at Sheberghan Municipality say the market includes 44 shops and other necessary facilities which has provided job opportunity for 44 businesswomen.

Mohammad Hussain Salih, Sheberghan Mayor states that nearly 300 women had submitted applications for buying a store in the market, 44 of whom were chosen after a lucky draw.

He also says the shops’ rents range from 100 thousand AFN to 300 thousand AFN in three categories.

Officials at Sheberghan Municipality add that the market was constructed via a bonus budget received by the municipality from the capital and that the market includes facilities like kindergarten, mosque, and modern toilets for businesswomen. 


Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari


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