New commander announced for Jowzjan special unit

New commander announced for Jowzjan special unit

Major Sheragha Khurami was today announced as commander of special unit in Jowzjan. 

Major Abdul Wahid Wejdan, Jowzjan Police Commander maintains that with the appointment of the new commander positive changes in regard to security will occur in the province. 

Mr. Wejdan, while stressing on military and professional training of officers and soldiers of the unit, adds the unit will be a good cooperator with other units and personnel. 

Sheragha Khurami has been doing duty in different provinces for seven years and considers management, good supplies, and education basic needs of special unit. 

He states that he will strive to provide professional trainings in GPS, topography, and coordinates sections. 


Reporter: Farida Amini Nazari


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