Sunday, 17 February 2019
Kunduz Civil Society supports election

Kunduz Civil Society supports election

Members of Kunduz Civil Society Union launched second conference in support of election and stressed on tackling electoral challenges. 

In the conference which was conducted by Mediothek organization in Kunduz, Election Commission officials, supervising organs of the election and leadership of Civil Society Union participated. 

Participants considered election the only acceptable way for political stability and peaceful transition of power in Afghanistan and asked the Afghan government and international society to hold an on-time election. 

They also demanded the election system in Afghanistan be changed and said the system of majority (in which individual’s vote is non-transferrable), which has been used in elections in Afghanistan so far, has been an unsuccessful system and it should be changed to proportional system and parties should have a role to play in elections.

Participants reasoned that changing the system of election gives the chance for people not to cast votes for individuals but for the programs the party or the individual has and parties will be answerable to programs they promise to people. 

There was stress on impartiality of election commissions in the conference as well and solutions were presented for transparency in election.


Bayanshamal: Inayatullah Khaliq

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