Sunday, 17 February 2019
Security; reason for development in Imam Sahib of Kunduz

Security; reason for development in Imam Sahib of Kunduz

With security improvement in Imam Sahib of Kunduz province, rehabilitation and rebuilding projects have also increased. 

Mahbobullah Saidi, District Governor of Imam Sahib explained this issue and said to Bayanshamal after clarification of areas from Taliban, the stage has been set to implement rebuilding and development projects and the government has worked in this regard. 

According to him, currently important projects like making canals of Turkman, Qiyam, Jangal Sofa and Kanam, structure of Wartablaqi school, structure of Social Center for DDA council and tens of other projects are under construction after completion of which a lot of facilities will be provided to residents of the district.

Meanwhile, residents of Imam Sahib also show their appreciation from security and development in the district and ask the government to try and expand this situation.

It is while, during the ongoing year, many clarification operations have been conducted in the district and a lot of areas have been cleared of government opponents.


Bayanshamal: Inayatullah Khaliq

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