4 detained for murder, drug-trafficking in Kunduz

4 detained for murder, drug-trafficking in Kunduz

Kunduz police caught a criminal who had killed his wife a while ago and his crime partner from the center of Kunduz city. 

Major General Abdul Baqi Nooristani, Kunduz Police Commander says these criminals had escaped after murdering and they were being followed by police. 

According to Nooristani, the suspects were detained on Friday from the outskirts of fourth police department and soon their cases will be handed over to judicial organs. 

Mr. Nooristani also informs about detention of two other individuals for trafficking 35 liters of alcoholic drinks from Kunduz to Takhar. 

Kunduz Police Commander states that the alcoholic drinks were placed in a Vitz car which was caught together with the criminals. 


Reporter: Inayatullah Khaliq


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