Friday, 20 September 2019
Efforts to secure Eid festival raise in Kunduz

Efforts to secure Eid festival raise in Kunduz

While the enthusiasm in Kunduz city and markets has skyrocketed as Eid approaches, security organs have also accelerated their plans for securing the festival. 

Manzor Khan Stanikzai, Kunduz Police Commander says that in cooperation with all security and military organs, stable and portable checkpoints, nightly patrols and some other programs have started. 

He added that the intent behind these programs is to prevent activities of armed opponents of government and troublemakers and assured that security forces are striving to provide full security prior to Eid days. 

On the other hand, residents of Kunduz praise the security in Ramadan days and ask security forces to maintain the security of Eid days as well. 


Reporter: Enayatullah Khaliq


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