Kunduz Police detain an escapee Taliban

Kunduz Police detain an escapee Taliban

Kunduz Police detained a Taliban who wanted to escape from Kunduz yesterday.

Inamuddin Rahmani, Spokesman of Kunduz Police Commander said the suspect had been identified and detained at a police checkpoint in the outskirts of third police station, while trying to escape.

According to Rahmani, the detainee has confessed that previously he participated in fights against the government with one of Taliban commanders named Mullah Shafiqullah, but after knowing about his unethical behavior and activities, he separated from the group and escaped.

Mullah Shafiqullah is a Taliban group leader in Imam Sahib district who sets up secret operations against the government.



Bayanshamal: Inayullah Khaliq

Translated by: Ramin Nasiry

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