600 families benefit from electricity in Sar-e Pul

600 families benefit from electricity in Sar-e Pul

Over the past two days, about 600 families have benefited from electricity in the center and Sayyad district of Sar-e Pul province.

Mohammad Arif Rajabi, Operative Deputy and Acting Chief of Sar-e Pul Breshna Sherkat told Bayan-e Shamal that a 100-kilowatt transformer has been installed in Mahajirin town of Mirza Olang village in Charbagh region which has brought power to 100 families in the area.

Mr. Rajabi also informed about installation of two other transformers each one having 250-kilowatt capacity in the center of Sayyad district and adds that the total cost of projects was 13 million AFN. 

This happens while previously officials had notified about installation of two power transformers in Baghawi and Tash Guzar villages in the center of Sar-e Pul.


Reporter: Mohammad Younus Naimi


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