Friday, 20 September 2019
Donation to displaced people in Takhar

Donation to displaced people in Takhar

Cash was distributed to 400 displaced families in Takhar. 

Mohammad Jawad Hejri, Public Affairs Officer of Takhar Governor House said that 5,000 AFN was donated by Refugees and Returnees Department of Takhar to each of the families that were displaced due to war and insecurity from Khwaja Ghar, Dashte Qalah and Yanqi Qalah districts of the province and came to the center of Taloqan city. 

According to local officials of Takkhar, nearly 7 thousand families have been displaced because of insecurities and natural disasters from some districts in the province and have come to Taloqan city, a big number of whom receive cash, foodstuffs and non-food aides via local government and donating agencies from time to time. 


Reporter: Jamshid Kundali


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